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Most men in their 20s & 30s face sexual issues at some point. What step is taken next decides the future of their relationship. It is mostly found that even with high testosterone levels, one can face ED. The reasons are mostly psychological, but with wrong guidance, a person can see further deterioration. It is easy to pop a pill and show off drastic changes, but is it really worth it? How many times can you do the same thing over and over again? Instead of getting dependent, let us find a permanent solution. Meet Rishabh Bhola who is the son of the famous Ayurvedic Sexologist doctor, Dr. Sudhir Bhola. With his years of experience of dealing with patients from all over the world, Rishabh can help you save your relation without medicines.

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Best Psychosexologist In Gurgaon, India 

An expert psychologist who specializes in the treatment of Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Couple Counseling, Low sex desire, Dhat Syndrome, and Nightfall in Gurugram, India.

Meet Rishabh

Psychologist & Sexologist

What I Specialize In

Premature ejaculation

Performance anxiety, Nightfall, Dhat Syndrome

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual complaints in men. It can be caused by organic or psychogenic factors. While the exact cause can only be determined by a doctor or a professional sexual health practitioner, some signs can inform us of the nature of erectile dysfunction. If a man suffers from sexual dysfunction, it is more likely to be psychogenic if the man’s age is under 40, if the onset is acute and the problem occurs suddenly, if there is no history of chronic illness, trauma to the pelvis or the penis and no use of medications. Sexual dysfunction is more likely to be psychogenic if the man is stressed or under psychological tension, or if he has a history of mental health issues like anxiety or depression, and if he is with a new spouse or sexual partner. All of these signs are in favor of psychological sexual dysfunction. Psychosexologist Rishabh Bhola can help you understand the reasons for ED or premature ejaculation and guide you for the best treatment possible. Even if it is organic, at Curewell Therapies you can take consultation from Dr. Sudhir Bhola who is the best sexologist award-winning doctor in India.

Sexologist in Gurugram

Stress and anxiety are the major reasons that affect sexual performance in men under 35.

Premature ejaculation happens more often when you're not sexually active and by this, we mean not getting regular vaginal penetration. Masturbation watching videos or images further deteriorates your condition. Ask yourself a basic question - Do you get the same sensation on the penis when you're masturbating by hand and while having sex with your partner? So ejaculation time while masturbating cannot help you calculate the amount of time you would require to ejaculate while doing it with a real person. Consultation is not only to find a solution to your problem but also to ask general sex questions in order to enjoy more and increase the chances of satisfying your partner more often. 

“At the age of just 22, I was unable to sustain erections. It was embarrassing and disheartening. Rishabh helped me understand the reasons and helped me solve the issues without medicines.”

- Verified Patient

“His guidance helped me and my husband get through a rough patch smoothly. We are very much happy and satisfied after his counseling sessions.

- Verified Patient

“I was dependant on over-the-counter pills for improving my ejaculation time. Thanks to Rishabh Bhola's tips, I am able to control my performance without the aid of any medicines.”

- Verified Patient

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  • What treatments are offered through counseling?
    Performance anxiety before sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation, psychogenic erectile dysfunction treatment, Nightfall, Dhat syndrome.
  • Why am I able to masturbate but can't achieve a good erection for sex?
    This happens due to many reasons out of which the major one is a dependency on visual (video and images) content during masturbation. Through guidance by an expert sexologist, you can overcome this problem.
  • Who is Rishabh Bhola?
    Rishabh Bhola is a clinical psychologist who specializes in male psycho-sexual disorders. He is the managing director of Curewell Therapies and the son of the famous Ayurvedic sexologist doctor, Dr. Sudhir Bhola.
  • Who is a psycho-sexologist or a psychosexual therapist?
    A psycho-sexologist is a clinical psychologist who deals with patients suffering from psychogenic sexual disorders like ED, early ejaculation, and other performance anxiety issues during sexual activities.
  • Can men of age group 18-30 years suffer from erectile dysfunction?
    Yes! Men at any age can suffer from erection issues. Men below the age of 35 years, usually suffer from psychogenic ED which if not tackled at the right time can also lead to organic issues. One of the biggest reasons for ED in young guys is an addiction to watching pornographic content for masturbation.
  • How many sessions are required to treat my problem?
    It varies from patient to patient. You can start with a text consultation to ask your queries.
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