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Couple Counseling in Delhi

They say marriage is a communion of two souls bound together and weaved with threads of mutual trust, love, and respect. In this fast-paced world where we all struggle to make ends meet and thrive to have a life of our dreams, this vision of marriage may sound a bit utopian.

couple counseling psychologist in Gurgaon

A prima facie case of a struggling marriage might appear to be an aftermath of elongated arguments, lack of trust, busy lifestyle, lack of sexual interest, communication gap, and the list is never-ending, however, this is a far deep-rooted problem arising due to our misaligned behavioral patterns and subconscious actions that need to be addressed right on time for a coherent bond with our partner. A disease known is half cured and to know the actual hindrance in the relationship an expert is required to be engaged. A couple counselor plays a pivotal role by acting as a medium to untangle the knots by speaking with the couple, understanding the relationship barriers, and setting the expectations right which otherwise would lead to traumas, infidelity, depression, substance abuse, divorce, and/or suicidal tendencies too.

Couples Therapy in Gurgaon

In India, we have a long way to go when it comes to seeking assistance from a counselor, studies have shown that the majority of estranged marriages are a resultant factor of a couples’ reluctance in consulting a counselor in time. But struggling in silence is no cure either. A stitch in time saves nine and a relationship genie will help you identify and acknowledge the pain areas to have a peaceful and happy life.

A major question arises here is how to identify when to ask for help? The first and foremost step is to acknowledge the red flags that can be anything that is putting you on a pedestal of discomfort for a long time (eg. controlling behavior, narcissistic tendencies, attitude transformations, hiding secrets, financial instability, constant need of reassurance, communication gaps, etc.). Try to have an open dialogue with your partner and seek the middle ground, while this may sound simple but is as complex. Once this phase surpasses, kindly seek help and leave no stone unturned to make your relationship a success.

Couples Therapy in Gurgaon

The relationship advisors have no magic wand; rather they are adequately equipped with tools like therapies, cognitive tests, and many more psychoanalytic techniques to hit the nail right on the head. So don’t neglect your mental peace and speak to an expert like psychologist Rishabh Bhola if you face any discomfort and to have a loving relationship with your partner.

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